Monday, January 23, 2012

Got some work!

Joanne said it would be some labor work moving a restaurant into four shipping containers to be taken down to Sydney for the “Easter Show”. It was quite a mission and six of us got it done in two days. Joanne offered me a job in the kitchen of her restaurant “Bub’s Famous Fish and Chips” and asked me to commit until the end of April and I agreed. As of now I was still living at the hostel and she made some calls and found me a place to live for a few months with another employee named Jason.  Afterward Joanne took me to the shopping center to pick up shorts and work boots for my start in the restaurant tomorrow! She even drove me all the way back out to the YHA and on the way back said she would pay me $18 an hour instead off the the $15 which had already been agreed upon because I was such a great worker!!! I packed up all my gear at the YHA for the last time in hopefully awhile!!!

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