Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First day at Bub’s “Famous Fish And Chips”! Best in NSW, 7 years running!!!

I started at Bub’s for the last couple really busy days of the school holidays!!! In the days before they were serving between 1000- 1500 customers a day!!! I was thrown right into the belly of the beast! I was right in the kitchen and doing it all! I handled myself pretty well for the first time in a kitchen I figured and received rave reviews from fellow workmates saying how well I did!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Got some work!

Joanne said it would be some labor work moving a restaurant into four shipping containers to be taken down to Sydney for the “Easter Show”. It was quite a mission and six of us got it done in two days. Joanne offered me a job in the kitchen of her restaurant “Bub’s Famous Fish and Chips” and asked me to commit until the end of April and I agreed. As of now I was still living at the hostel and she made some calls and found me a place to live for a few months with another employee named Jason.  Afterward Joanne took me to the shopping center to pick up shorts and work boots for my start in the restaurant tomorrow! She even drove me all the way back out to the YHA and on the way back said she would pay me $18 an hour instead off the the $15 which had already been agreed upon because I was such a great worker!!! I packed up all my gear at the YHA for the last time in hopefully awhile!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Port Stephens YHA

After Manly I decided to go up to Port Stephens for a week or so. Pam And Shane had taken me up the for the day and I thought I would go back up there as the hostel there looked amazing! I spent just under a week at the hostel and while there met some great Aussie guy’s on my first night and spent most of the rest of my time relaxing by the pool! I did go to Samurai beach, which was a nudist beach and got a little sun down below for the first time ever. It’s not what I thought when I got there, expecting old people all over! There was NOBODY there!! Except sand, sun and the WIND! I had to find a little place out of the wind and still ended up getting covered with sand! Then after an hour it started to rain so my first nude beach experience could have been more enjoyable, that’s for sure! On my last night there while chilling by the pool they got a call looking for some workers, so I called the number back and talked with Joanne, who said show up the next morning so I said ok. I was planning on heading back up to Newcastle the next day and stay with Shane and Pam for a few days and the head to Asia!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Off to Manly!

Back at Chani’s I started to make some new plans and decided to take the ferry to Manly for a few days and just go right back to backpacker mode!!! I said goodbye, probably not for the last time! haha!!! I had a couple great days of sun while I was out at Mainly and got some rays!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Colleen visit’s!!!

Mine and Chani’s friend Colleen we met on the cruise came to Sydney for the night so she came to stay for the night. Even though she was severely jet lagged it was still so great to see her for the night. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

City life just isn’t for me!!!

With a new year upon me I thought I would live in the big city for a month or so and started putting job apps out for the numerous face-to-face fundraisers needed for the numerous charities from cancer to Unicef to Greenpeace! I ended up getting 3 or 4 call backs, I took two job interviews and got both jobs and took the one for Greenpeace! Did a couple days training and already getting annoyed with the public transport! I spent my first day fundraising in the heart of the city constantly bothering people to sign up and support Greenpeace. The job was ok but not great, the environment was terrible amongst the skyscrapers, sirens and all the negativity of people in the city! After work around 4:30, or RUSH HOUR!!! I headed to the subway with the, what felt like, MILLIONS of people all trying to get on this already packed train it hit me like a brick wall!!! City life just isn’t for me!