Sunday, July 10, 2011

AJ Hackett Bungy Cairns “Sunday Night Session”

A few times a year they put on a night jump session with a live bands throughout the day and night so I figured that would be the best day to go out there, bad or good ear! Thankfully the ear was feeling pretty good by now so I got out there and signed up for 5 jumps straight away!!! I started off with my “FULL ON” level 1 swan dive!, then my “ADRENALINE” level 2 back dive! While I was down there AJ Hackett himself showed up so we chatted a bit and I got a picture with him! Then it was back up for my “HARDCORE” level 3 “ROOFJUMP”!!!, which was the funnest one of the five I think! After that it was straight back up for another “HARDCORE” BMX bike jump!!! Then a little break waiting for the sun to go down, had a few beers and a burger, met some locals and chatted a bit. Then right back up for my final “Night Jump”. I did a “backwards elevator” and finally hit the water for my last jump. It was a adrenaline packed day for sure!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Atherton Tablelands Day Tour

Had a great day out on this tour that took us to a couple amazing waterfalls, Josephine and Milla Milla falls, to this awesome “babinda boulders” river and a few awesome lookouts. We were served brunch too!!! All for only 50 bucks!!! It was great and I just put an ear plug in my ear cause the doc aid not to get it wet! but there was no way I was not going in that water!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Healing up! and chillin out!

I went to the doctor today because there was definitely something going on in my ear and he said it was just an inflamed ear canal, and said it happens to divers all the time and I got some ear drops to clear it up, I just took it easy the next day and booked my bungy jumps in a few days from then and a Waterfalls and Atherland tablelands day tour the next day!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sore ear!!!

The night before at the after party my ear was a bit sore so I asked a couple of the instructors if it was normal and if it would go away soon, they said yes. Well I put up with some pretty bad pain all day long and lost like 80% of my hearing on my right side! Tried to just take it easy too see if it would go away.

Monday, July 4, 2011

3 Dives on Day 3

I did my last 3 dives with a girl named Jutta, from Austria. During our dawn dive we came across a couple more sharks and turtles! But our navigation was WAY off and even though we could have swam back, they sent the “Dingy of Shame” because they are on a really tight schedule had didn’t want to waste any time. But of course to everyone on board it looks like we were getting rescued!!! Our last two dives we made it back right to the boat to redeem our selfs! On the boat ride back to Cairns the Captain spotted some Minki whales and went of course aways to get close to them which was really cool! It was definitely a trip to remember and will be diving again soon in the near future! I dropped off the camera were they actually take your pics and put them through a underwater photoshop program to bring out the natural colors of the fish and corals. The before and afters are really different and I’m glad they did that. I checked into “The Bellview” hostel right on the esplanade which is only $17 bucks a night and quite by 10pm which was nice to get some rest. Most of the boat went out for the after party and we all said our goodbyes.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

1st DIve as a Certified Open Water Diver!!! - Night Dive Too, With SHARKS!!!

We had one last training dive just as the sun was coming up and then halfway through the dive he wrote on his board we were all now certified divers and shook our hands! Our next dive was just my dive buddy, Marcus (one of the tough guys who got really sick), and myself. Before every dive you get briefed on the dive site and the best way to navigate around it. The dive site was called “Gordon’s” on Flynn’s Reef! It was an awesome experience I will never forget. I rented a proper underwater camera that goes down to like 30 feet so I got some good pictures of it all. We thought we were right near the boat but ended up surfacing about 200 meters away from the boat cause we just swam to far and it’s so hard to gauge how far you have swam when your underwater! So we had to do the “Swim of Shame” back to the boat! Our last dive of the day was a guided night dive with very active sharks swimming around our boat, just little ones though, like 5-6 footers!!! I took down the camera and got some great footage of the dive, with some turtles and sharks!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

1st Scuba Dive Ever on the Great Barrier Reef

The ride out to the reef was probably the roughest boat ride I have ever been on, we were told the day before it would be rough and to buy some seasickness pills and I’m glad I took the precaution because there were a few “toughies” who said they’d be able to handed it and were spewing over the side of the boat, hahaha! We made it to the reef and got straight into the water for our first of four training dives, pretty much doing the same things we learnt in the pool. Not all training though, after we did what we were asked we went for a little tour each time around the reef! AMAZING!!! We did this two more times throughout the day, eating lots of really good food in between each dive. Dive ,Eat, Sleep is there motto!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day!!! - Scuba course day 2!

This morning we jumped right into the pool for our second pool dive, went for lunch, got our stuff ready for the trip tomorrow and went back to the classroom to write our exams. I passed with honors of course!!! I was to be picked up at like 6am and wanted to be 100% so I didn’t celebrate Canada day like it deserved to be celebrated!