Sunday, January 1, 2012

City life just isn’t for me!!!

With a new year upon me I thought I would live in the big city for a month or so and started putting job apps out for the numerous face-to-face fundraisers needed for the numerous charities from cancer to Unicef to Greenpeace! I ended up getting 3 or 4 call backs, I took two job interviews and got both jobs and took the one for Greenpeace! Did a couple days training and already getting annoyed with the public transport! I spent my first day fundraising in the heart of the city constantly bothering people to sign up and support Greenpeace. The job was ok but not great, the environment was terrible amongst the skyscrapers, sirens and all the negativity of people in the city! After work around 4:30, or RUSH HOUR!!! I headed to the subway with the, what felt like, MILLIONS of people all trying to get on this already packed train it hit me like a brick wall!!! City life just isn’t for me! 

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