Friday, May 11, 2012

Port Stephens, Last 3 month recap!!!

For the last three months I made a commitment to myself to work as much as I possible could to fund even more travels and I did just that while having a great time and meeting lots of new friends. Went fishing a few times with some mates from work, had a few really good parties, had a great birthday!!! and got to play 2-up in the pub on Anzac Day!
I had a really great experience at Fisherman’s Wharf Seafoods while I was there! I must have driven to Sydney between 15 and 20 times between picking up the fresh seafood from the fish market and delivering stuff to the Easter show. I ended up almost putting 10,000 kms on the truck while I was there!!! Had plenty of 12+ hr days and a couple almost 80 hour work weeks which was great for me to save some cash! Although it’s safe to say I will never work in another fish and chips shop as long as I live, I did have fun doing it most of the time!!! Not surprisingly, I did leave that place with the title of “The best backpacker ever to work there” hahaha!!! I told them I would keep in contact for sure to see if I ever lose my title! They doubt I will lose it though!!! Me too!
 After work was done I chilled out for a week or so, Anna, the manager threw me a going away party which was super nice, I got everyone from work to sign one of my work shirts to hang on the wall when I get home. I hung out with Darren for a day and went out to the Tea Gardens which is an hour long ferry ride from Nelson Bay, we had some drinks and a feed and I got to steer the ferry part of the way back as the was really no one but us onboard! Timo, my neighbor and I, went and played golf for the day at a beautiful golf course and I got two legit pars and a few bogies. We had one more small party the day before we both left. Jay was headed to Melbourne to see his mom and I ended up booking a plane ticket to Bali, Indonesia and made plans to stay with Shane and Pam for a few days before I fly out. I will never forget my time in Shoal Bay and Nelson Bay, it was a blast! I had a great last couple months in Australia!

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